Company history

Klaus-Häberlin AG Uster

In 1932, still under the influence of the Great Depression, Emanuel Häberlin founded a trading company with the goal of importing high quality products for the Swiss market. After his untimely death in 1935 the young company was continued by Ernst Klaus, his son-in-law, who had worked in the company since the beginning. The name, Klaus-Haeberlin AG, is derived from the composition of the two surnames. Ernst Klaus contributed in the active successful business development to old age. His son, Eugen Kunz, today leads the company in line with the two pioneers with the motto: "The customer is the center of all our activities". This with the view to be able to pass on the flexible and market-oriented family-stock company to the fourth generation who is already active in the company for several years.

First products

Being a general agency for combustion engines, the first imported brand was Briggs & Stratton US. This came shortly before being also an agency for the company James Walker Co. Ltd, GB; these products are the packing and seal products. These two agencies are still the mainstays of the company.

War years

During the Second World War, it was no more possible to trade with certain imported goods and the activities of E. Klaus-Haeberlin had to be shut down temporarily. Klaus Ernst bridged this difficult stage, by founding the "Schuhbedarf GmbH" with a partner. This company sold rubber and caoutchouc products. After the war, Ernst Klaus dissociated from his partner and took over the activities of his old company again.

From 1945 Until Today

In the postwar period, the company performed well during the growth of the Swiss economy and this was thanks to its highly motivated employees, the high quality of products and services. The company has established itself as a competent partner of many well-known companies. After over forty successful years the private company was converted into a corporation in 1975. As a general agent the Klaus-Haeberlin AG provides to exporters a strong foothold in the area of Switzerland and Liechtenstein. With a balanced product portfolio in the areas of combustion engines, drive and sealing technology it will remain always our goal to serve the customers as a competent, pro-active, fair and reliable partner. In addition to our wholesale business, since 2009, our workshop is open to local consumers. We are offering lawn and garden equipment from various brands also repairs and service, we do almost all engines and garden equipment. A special winter service for garden tools with pick-up service we offer as well.