PS 100 Lithium

PS 100 Lithium

Arvipotecnic, S.L 08180 Moià Espanã

High technology for agricultural applications

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The professional PS100 lithium trimming equipment especially for intensive trimming, are characterised by their power and high cutting speed, servocontrol precision, low consumption and great strength. The progressive cutting control in the cutting tool (shears) of the trimming equipment enables perfect blade positioning throughout the cutting cycle and improves access to any stem or branch. Its special head fitted on bearings (Pat.), requiring no maintenance adjustment or daily lubrication, will give precise, clean cutting to enhance easier scarring and prevent disease. Particular attention has been given to the comfortable use of the trimming equipment especially its grip soft air. The design of the housing and the angle of the cutting blade give better control over the shears and reduce user effort to make the work easier. Adaptable to any hand size.
Arvipo PS100 Lithium and complete harness
Arvipo PS100 Lithium optima & Arvipo PS100 Lithium plus




Led display


Complete harness


Grinding stone


Progressive trimming shears


Cleaning spray


Power source


Instructions manual




Arvipo PS100 Lithium case Arvipo PS100 Lithium equipment

AVP 100 blade and counter blade in special high-strength, low-wear material resistant to notches.
Designed especially to adapt better to all kinds of crops.

Maximum cutting : 200 Nm
Maximum cutting diameter : 40 mm
Weight of complete harness : 2.350 kg
Lithium batteries : 4.800 mAh
Type of cut : Progressive and double opening
Cutting head fitted : Armoured radial and axial bearings
Shear cable : Ball joint connection

Intensive and industrial trimming

Vine : Wine, table, raisins
Fruit : Sweet, neutral, acid, semi-acid, dried, coffee, berries
Silviculture : Wood, ornamental formation, Christmas
Gardening : Urban, residential, topiary
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