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Briggs & Stratton offers a wide range of tools and repair manuals which can be purchased for all engine categories in many languages​​. Thus, the work shop professional can competently and efficiently perform all repairs. Here is a small selection of useful tools, just ask us.


Besides tools, we have various items such as gas cables, batteries, motor oil, gasoline additive, starter rope-drums in varius
diameters, fuel line on per meter, and more in our stock. You will find pump flanges, hydraulic compoments , v-belt pulleys,
centrifugal clutches, gear boxes, etc., in the section drive technology.
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We repair exclusively with original spare parts.

Valve Spring Compressor

Art. Nr. 019063

Tachometer (Treysit)

Art. Nr. 019200E

Valve Spring Compressor Tachometer (Treysit)

Flywheel Puller

Art. Nr. 019203

Valve Guide Repair Kit

Art. Nr. 019269

10HP engines to 22HP engines. For servicing 1/4" valve guides.
Flywheel Puller Valve Guide Repair Kit

Screwdrivers Carburetor Jet

Art. Nr. 019061 & 019062

Piston Ring Compressor

Art. Nr. 019230

For removing most carburetor jets. 5HP and below.
Screwdrivers Carburetor Jet Piston Ring Compressor

Leakdown Tester

Art. Nr. 019545

Ring Expander

Art. Nr. 019340

Used to test the sealing capabilities of the compression
components of all engines. Comes with crankshaft clamp.
For removing and installing piston rings. Minimizes
ring distortion and breakage. All engine models.
Leakdown Tester Ring Expander

Valve Adjustment Set

Art. Nr. 019465

Primer Bulb Removal Tool

Art. Nr.019461

For adjusting valves on Vanguard™ and Intek™ V-Twin engines.
Offset 13mm wrench with 5mm hex and T-40 torx drivers.
For quick and easy removal of primer bulb and retainer
on engines equipped with primer bulb system.
Valve Adjustment Set Primer Bulb Removal Tool

Flywheel Strap Wrench

Art. Nr. 019433

Crankcase Vacuum Tester

Art. Nr. 019495

For holding flywheel while removing and
torquing flywheel nut. All engines models.
Extremely accurate and simple tool for measuring crankcase vacuum. Check crankcase vacuum with engine running at top no load speed.
Flywheel Strap Wrench Crankcase Vacuum Tester

Tachometer & Hourmeter

Art. Nr. N111-0100-1005

Tang Bender

Art. Nr. 019480

Meter displays RPM while engine is running.
When engine is stopped, meter displays elapsed time.
For all engines. Used for setting top
no load and governed idle speeds.
Tachometer & Hourmeter Tang Bender
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