Zama diaphragm carburetors USA

C1M, C1T, C1Q, C3A, C1U, C3, RC2, RB usw.

The repair kits have the following designations RB-xx and the diaphragme kits GND-xx

Service Information

ZAMA, Inc. Franklin, Tennessee, USA
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Zama was founded in 1952 in Japan and is a major manufacturer of carburetors.
Zama makes permanently great efforts to find the new innovations.

We offer the following products from the above brand:

carburetors, repair kits, diaphragme kits , spare parts, air cleaners, tools
C1M Zama diaphragm carburetors C1T Zama diaphragm carburetors C1Q Zama diaphragm carburetors C3A Zama diaphragm carburetors





C1U Zama diaphragm carburetors C3 Zama diaphragm carburetors RC2 Zama diaphragm carburetors RB Zama diaphragm carburetors





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