Metalldichtungen Moorflex® James Walker & Co Ltd. England

Metalldichtungen Moorflex® James Walker & Co Ltd. England


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Semi-Metallic gaskets types 
Metaflex® Spiral Wound Gaskets Metakamm® Kammprofile Gaskets Metal Jacketed Gaskets
Metaflex® Spiral Wound Gaskets Metakamm® Kammprofile Gaskets Metal Jacketed Gaskets
Expanded Graphite Gaskets Eyeletted gaskets Metcom Multi-pressure Gaskets
Expanded Graphite Gaskets Eyeletted gaskets Metcom Multi-pressure Gaskets
Metagraf Metex  
Metagraf Metex  
Metaflex® Spiral wound gaskets / gaskets profiles
Type C Type C/IR Type SG
Type C Type C/IR Type SG
Basic construction style. Suitable for tongue
and groove, male and female or flat face
and recess flanges.
Identical to the Type C but fitted with the
protective inner ring which gives high
pressure and temperature capabilities with
improved sealing performance. Used on
male and female flanges.
As Type C but fitted with an external ring
which accurately centralises the sealing
element. In addition the ring provides extra
radial strength and acts as a compression
stop. Generally used on raised face and flat
face flanges.
Type H and H/IW Type SG/IR  
Type H and H/IW Type SG/IR  
In appearance these are identical to
Type C but specifically designed for the
sealing of manholes, handholes, tubecaps
and plugs in boilers and vessels. They can
be produced in a wide variety of shapes,
the most common being circular, obround,
square, oval and diamond. The H/IW
incorporates a stainless steel wire on the
inner surface which protects the inner
windings and reduces the risk of extrusion
under compression.
Identical to the Type SG but also fitted with
an inner ring to prevent damage to the
gasket bore and inner windings. It also acts
as a heat shield and corrosion barrier and
improves recovery characteristics and
sealing performance.
Metakamm Kammprofile / gaskets profiles
Type CK Type SGK Type LGK
Type CK Type SGK Type LGK
Parallel root core for use in confined location
including male and female, tongue and
groove and recessed flange arrangements.
Parallel root core with integral centring ring
for correct gasket positioning within the
flange bolt circle. Type SG is recommended
for use on standard raised face and flat face
Parallel root core with loose fitting centring
ring which reduces the possibility of damage
to the core as a result of mechanical and
thermal shock.
Type CCK Type SGCK Type LGCK
Type CCK Type SGCK Type LGCK
As above styles, except with a convex root
core. This design ensures the highest
contact pressure is in the middle of the
profile and excellent flow of the soft sealing
layer into the flange surface.
This design can be an advantage where
flange rotation occurs and only a small
seating flange is required for the flanges to
become tight.
Gaskets of this design are particularly
effective in fluctuating temperature and/or
pressure conditions and for higher
temperatures in general.
Metakamm Multifit gaskets
“One size fits all”
In the most popular piping classes (ASME 150, 300, 600 & DIN PN10- 100) only ONE gasket is required for each nominal bore size - 1/2” through to 24” and 10 NB to 600 NB. Uses well proven Kammprofile gasket technology with specially designed sealing elements and
location rings.
Metakamm Multifit gaskets
Metal jacketed gasket styles
M120 M123 M124
M120 M123 M124
M129 M126 M130
M129 M126 M130
Metal jacketed gasket materials
Typical pass partition bar configurations
Metal Jacketed-, Kammprofile- and Spiral Wound Gaskets
Typical pass partition bar configurations Typical pass partition bar configurations
Soft iron and low carbon steel ring joint gaskets to API Standard 6A are supplied with zinc plating to 0.0002” - 0.0005” thick unless otherwise specified. Other platings are also available if preferred. Unplated rings are treated with a rust preventative fluid. During storage and handling it is very important that the mating faces (the oval radius or the chamfered face) are not damaged as this can lead to leakage when the ring joint is used in its particular application. To afford the maximum degree of protection, Moorflex offer as an extra feature individual vacuum
packaging. Gaskets are vacuum packed using a strong clear film onto a stout backing board. This style of packaging ensures full protection of the gasket, whilst allowing visual inspection of its condition and marking.
Gasket metal should be selected to suit the service conditions and should be of a hardness lower than the flange metal. At Moorflex, the annealing process of the metal and the machining is carefully controlled to keep the hardness of the gasket below the maximum allowable, to ensure correct flow and sealing without damage to the flange surfaces. Checks carried out during manufacture ensure that the hardness of the finished product does not exceed the figures stated below. The principal types of material are:
Metal & Maximum Hardness Identification Rockwell B

Other stainless and super alloy steels, Duplex, Monel, Inconel, Incoloy, Nickel and other materials are available. Based on almost 50 years of experience, Moorflex have established specifications to ensure gasket suitability. Certification and compliance with NACE MRO175 are standard features.
Identification and traceability
For convenience in ordering, numbers are assigned to gaskets and prefixed by the letter ‘R’, ‘RX’ or ‘BX’, followed by the material
identification. Marking is effected so as not to injure the contact faces, nor to harmfully distort the gasket. Moorflex use only low stress DOT stamps approved to NACE standards in order to ensure that stresses
are not introduced into the gasket. All non-API gaskets are typically marked Moorside R45 S316. Gaskets complying to API Standard 6A are additionally marked with API Monogram Licence No., Product
Specification Level 4 and date of manufacture. (It is standard procedure for Moorflex to supply API 6A gaskets to PSL4). All API gaskets are typically marked:- Moorside 6A-0038 R45 S316-4 12/2001 (December 2001). Traceability of material and constant
monitoring of manufacture are essential for effective quality control. All Moorside ring joint gaskets carry a Material Reference Number, which directly relates to the batch of material from which it was manufactured. The MRN number is applied to the gasket in the same way as the identification marks. This reference is included in material
certificates, thus ensuring full traceability of supply. Moorside or M denotes James Walker Moorflex trade mark.

Gasket styles and types
Series ‘R’ Oval Series ‘R’ Octagonal  
Series ‘R’ Oval Series ‘R’ Octagonal  
The type R oval configuration is the original ring joint design and was followed by the type R octagonal which offered more specific sealing contact areas. Both types can be used with flanges having the standard ring joint flat bottom groove and hold off flanges by a specified amount, relying entirely on correctly applied initial bolt-load for their proper operation in service. Available in ring numbers R11 through R105
to suit the following flange specifications:
Machined metal gaskets
In addition to the manufacture of Gasket profiles metal ring joint gaskets, James Walker Moorflex manufactures a range of metallic gaskets to international standards and specifications. Manufacturing excellence, reliability of performance and quality control are essential to ensure the operation of metallic gaskets of specialist nature and complex profiles, and the extensive facilities available to Moorflex provide the
assurance required from such precision components. Examples of some products are listed here, and more detailed information is
available upon request.
Gasket profiles
Lens Gaskets Convex Gaskets Wedge Gaskets
Lens Gaskets Convex Gaskets Wedge Gaskets
Are widely used in high pressure applications
and are resistant to overstressing. Manufacture is in accordance with DIN 2696
PN 64 to 400 and DN 10 to 300, and are also available in blanking-type form
May be used where centralised loading of
the gasket is preferable by a reduction in area.
Are positively located to provide a seal in
cylindrical applications. The lip of the gasket is energised by either bolting or internal pressure.
Double Cone Gaskets Weld Ring Gaskets Ring Joint Orifice/Blanking Gaskets
Double Cone Gaskets Weld Ring Gaskets Ring Joint Orifice/Blanking Gaskets
Moorflex are able to manufacture doublecone
gaskets up to 2000mm diameter, These
gaskets are suitable for large diameter, high
pressure applications.
a leak-proof joint is essential. Sealing is
achieved by welding the two gasket halves
together. A secondary backup gasket may be fitted where desirable.
Also available as Spectacle type.
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