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Amsbeck step-down gear / spur gearing

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The Amsbeck range of single stage helical gearboxes are designed as speed reducers or increasers for engine driven applications where the speed to the drive machine has to be higher or lower than the driving engine. In the case of the speed reducer the transmission also multiplies the torque transmitted. Our compact high capacity transmission is widely used on applications transmitting up to 20 KW with standard ratios of 1.6:1, 2:1 and 3:1. Non standard ratios are available upon request. Amsbeck offers engine mounted flange- and shaft mounted transmissions:

Amsbeck Reduktionsgetriebe

flange mounted transmission (model 901)

The model 901 transmission is provided with an integral cast aluminum housing and a machined SAE.5 flange allowing the unit to be fitted directly onto the engine facing, with adapters for other SAE facings available. Power from the engine is transmitted to the gearbox through a torsionally resilient flexible coupling or a centrifugal clutch allowing no load starting of the engine. The output side of the gearbox is available in two versions, one with an integral cast and machined SAE.5 flange for close coupling to the driven machine and the second having a keyed shaft extension without mounting flange.

    Amsbeck flange mounted transmission model 901    (model 901)

shaft mounted transmission (model 902)

The model 902 gearbox is a shaft mounted transmission capable of being mounted directly onto the engines keyed driving shaft, axially secured and fitted with a torque reaction pin. The Model 902 is available in narrow and wide face widths to accommodate different powers. The narrow type has ratios of 2,06:1 and the wide type 2.06 and 3.04:1. Centrifugal clutches can be fitted when no load starting of the engine is a requirement.

    Amsbeck shaft mounted transmission model 902    (model 902)



Benevelli Gear Box


Transmission with four forward gears and 4 reverse gears. Comes complete with clutch and clutch bell available for most engines from our product range.

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