Shippments and deliveries

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We do everything to deliver you as quickly as possible. You choose the forwarding type:

- Poste eco, delivery time 2 à 3 working days, up to 30 kg
- Poste prio, delivery the next morning, up to 30 kg
- Swiss post express, delivery the next morning until about 9:00 h, up to 30 kg

- Cargo Domicile, from 31 kg, pick up at approx. 15:00 h, delivery the next working day
- Quali-Night, from 31 kg, pick up at approx. 17:00 h, in the same night, customer number at Quali-Night necessary

- Pick up in Uster at our customer counter, monday to friday from 07:30 h – 12:00 h and 13:15 h – 17:00 h

If you don't have a part number then it is important to find the correct model- type and code number of your engine

Before ordering, it is nessessary to find the correct model, type and code numbers.
You will find the more information on the link model number. If you do not know the exact article number, please indicate for each order, the model-, type- code and/or serie number of the engine, so that we can guarantee deliveries without errors. Unfortunately, this information does not sufficent when there are several alternatives, for example:
When ordering spare parts, you may also help us by indicating the device brand, the type of device (lawn mower, generator...)
and possibly the manufacturer numbers.

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