Cassette sealing systems for water turbine shafts
HydroSele is the James Walker product family of innovative cassette sealing systems for shafts of water turbines. It is the result of more than 12 years of design, development and operational experience with Francis and Kaplan turbines used in a wide variety of conditions. Our sole objective is to produce cassette seals of the highest reliability that significantly improve the cost efficiency and operational performance of turbines. Field tests, supported by commercial applications since 2006, show that our HydroSele systems are the best long-term value proposition in terms of all shaft sealing systems for many Francis and Kaplan turbines. HydroSele S offers many unique financial and operational advantages over other sealing systems used for Francis and Kaplan turbines. HydroSele S is a completely split cassette design that contains two sealing elements that work back-to-back, with flushing water being directed between the two elements.
HydroSele Compact cassette
Kompaktkassette HydroSele
Standard sizes and tolerances for HydroSele
Standardgrössen und Toleranzen
HydroSele MS
HydroSele RS
HydroSele WB
HydroSele WT
This extended version of the HydroSele S allows safe and fast on-site maintenance of the primary sealing elements of the cassette.
Designed for situations where a water lubricated bearing sits directly in the HydroSele.
Is particularly suitable for protecting bearings in lowered applications, such as bulb turbines. It uses the same cassette design as the HydroSele WT, but the outer WalkerSele is reversed.
This version includes a fully split cassette unit containing two Walkersele D7 tandem lip seals for field assembly. The pressurized water hits the front of both Walker Seals, providing increased sealing performance.