Accurate measurement of bolt tension
James Walker has a long history of working on bolting projects in many industry sectors, ranging from offshore oil and gas, to nuclear power, wind turbines, petrochemical plant, military equipment and transport infrastructure. The RotaBolt® technology has been helping to ensure bolted joint integrity for over 30 years. Built on the science of measurement, RotaBolt® accurately measures tension so that it can be correctly achieved, maintained and monitored. The technology continues to evolve, with the latest development offering real-time precision monitoring to give remote access to bolted connections in the most critical applications.
RotaBolt® Tension Control
RotaBolt Tension Control

RotaBolt® technology has been applied to the standard indicator rod bolt shown in ASME PCC-1-2000 to create a new generation of bolts. This indicator rod bolt uses direct length measurement to assess the applied load - the new RotaBolt® version of the fastener provides a much more accurate measurement of bolt tension based on elongation to ensure uniform application and retention of load. The company has applied its technology to the production of screws that are individually 100% calibrated by load testing and equipped with a special indicator for strain measurement. The strain measurement of each bolt is certified individually.
RotaBolt Nr.1
RotaBolt® No. 1
Invented in the early 1980s, RotaBolt® original technology is and remains unique. Standard bolts are fitted with our indicator and a RotaCap that locks when the correct tension is reached. Any loss of tension will immediately loosen the cap. Each screw is 100% calibrated by load testing and is accurate to +/- 5%.
RotaBolt Nr.2
RotaBolt® No. 2
Provides even more comprehensive voltage control during installation, tightening and operational testing. Two voltage settings in a single sensor; a dual load indicator has an outer cap for high voltage setting and an inner cap for low voltage. Allows selection of an operating voltage range for overload or maintenance control.

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