link: walbro.com
models: HD-, HDA-, WA-, WG-, WLA-, WT-, WYJ- WYK-

Walbro was founded in 1950 in Fenton, Michigan by Walter E. Walpole. Walbro is a global market leader in engine management and fuel systems for the outdoor power equipment, recreational, marine, and personal transportation markets, and a leading supplier of high pressure aluminum die casting to various industries.

Walbro Membranvergaser USA
We offer the following products from Walbro:

carburetors, repair kits, diaphragme kits , spare parts, air cleaners, fuel pumps

The repair kits have the following designations Kxx-xx-1 and the diaphragme kits Dxx-xx-1. There are equipment manufacturers, like Stihl or Husqvarna, who are only supplied exclusively end directly by Zama and we can no longer offer services for these products

Walbro carburetor service

How to find the part number on a Walbro carburetor