Drive Technology

We like to offer more than just the power source to your application, in other words the combustion engine. Also in terms of other drive technology products, we are your competent partner. We have in our sales program many additional components around the engine, so that we are able to offer you an entire drive solution.Our sales program consists of components from different suppliers. We look around for you in the market. You will save trouble and time to deal with each supplier. We look at your needs and will provide you a good solution for your request.

  • variators
  • gear boxes
  • hydraulic components
  • centrifugal clutches and pulleys
Amsbeck Centrifugal clutches
Amsbeck Fliehkraftkupplungen

The company AMSBECK-Maschinentechnik GmbH is a German quality manufacturer and is able to produce within a short time custom-made products. Thanks to modern CAD/CAM manufacturing Amsbeck can addressed quickly and flexibly your wishes. Send us your drawing or sketch with specifications, our supplier will calculate the correct clutch size. Ask us we like to help you.

  • easier to start the engine
  • no engine stalling
  • completely free of asbestos
  • lower fuel consumption at idle
  • therefore environmentally friendly
Benevelli Gear boxes
Benevelli Getriebe

Benevelli - Powertrain components for electromobility and electric vehicles: differential gears, wheel hub drives and electric motors.

Pump adapters
Pump Adapters

Adapter for hydraulic pumps 3/4" and 1" crankshafts
Adapter Kit for Group 1 (Italian standard)
92 mm B.C. flange
Adapter Kit for Gourp 2 (Italian standard)
127 mm B.C. flange

Hansa TMP®
Hansa TMP

Here you will find your optimal hydraulic pump for constant delivery volume. Single, multiple pumps and motors for both directions of rotation. Construction in aluminum or cast iron.

Pulleys & belts

Just give us the informations about your application to allow to calculate the pulley sizes and the necessary belts.