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We are pleased to announce that we have taken over the import and distribution of Kawasaki engines and spare parts. With this product we have found a good addition to our previous products and we are happy to see you with the usual. To be allowed to use Klaus-Häberlin Service. So that your engine can meet your expectations, we only supply you with original spare parts from our warehouse. Whether it's air filters, spark plugs or oil filters, the difference is quality that only genuine Kawasaki Engines replacement parts consistently give. Non-genuine parts have effects that can affect engine life and performance.
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Kawasaki Engines

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Kawasaki Engines
Established in 1878, when founder Shozo Kawasaki opened a shipyard to build ocean-going steel ships, the company has seen over a century of diversification and growth to become a major global technology corporation of around 100 group companies. This unique and broad business aims to create new value, by working to solve the issues facing customers and society today. Kawasaki products play a vital role in many people’s lives, providing power, manufacturing and transport solutions across a wide range of industries.

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