Sequentially applicable sealing system
KlickFix is a new alternative to mechanical seals and seal packings. KlickFix is a cassette sealing system with several integrated lips that are activated one after the other. They offer an optimized sealing and thus an extended service life of the sealing system - with predictable operating time. KlickFix is a simple and very cost-effective solution that can be installed within minutes. The system complies with the requirements of ISO 14001 (environmental management), meets the specifications for eliminating leaks and helps to reduce power consumption.
Effective pump shaft sealing
Is a sequentially usable sealing cassette system. It is currently available for standard centrifugal and positive displacement pumps; there is virtually no limit to the composition and viscosity of liquids and solutions. For applications with larger radial displacement, please contact us. Our product range is constantly being expanded to meet customer demands with special configurations that are designed and manufactured.
Shaft diameters currently available: 25 mm to 114 mm maximum pressure: 0.70 MPa/7 bar maximum shaft speed: 8 m/s maximum radial displacement: 0.10 mm (= total specified radial displacement).
As soon as one sealing lip wears out, causing leakage, the next lip can be added within seconds without reinstallation. The simple "click to fix" condition is possible without special technical knowledge. High downtimes and qualified maintenance as with a traditional mechanical seal system are eliminated. Finally, when all lips are worn, the product can be quickly replaced on site using a simple "reconditioning kit". The kit contains a small number of components and is supplied by your local James Walker representative.
The KlickFix sealing cassette has no moving parts or brittle sealing surfaces. It can tolerate intermittent process faults and dry running. Dry running would cause serious damage in many traditional mechanical seals and stuffing box packings. The KlickFix cassette is made of materials that offer excellent resistance to chemical attack. It also provides a reliable seal against a very wide range of liquid media.


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