James Walker® & Co, Ltd

High performance seals and gaskets

James Walker & Co Ltd has earned a worldwide reputation for the design and manufacture of sealing systems and currently operates more than 50 manufacturing, engineering and sales offices, as well as other customer centres worldwide, all supported by extensive IT networks, e-commerce systems and logistics. More than 250,000 different parts are manufactured in the production facilities in Great Britain, Holland, USA and Australia. Three million products are ready for shipment from the automated distribution centers, and a network of representatives in 81 countries ensures trouble-free supply worldwide.

hydraulic seal fitting guide

precision machining of metallic seals and components
Specialized products in almost all industrial sectors

A wide range of specialized products and services is available to customers in almost all industrial sectors in over 100 countries worldwide. Research, development, manufacturing and materials expertise and, at the forefront, James Walker's long experience help global industry to operate safely and efficiently. Efficiency, minimum maintenance and optimized downtime are the focus.